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Exploiting Natural Resources, Depriving Palestinians and Violating Human Rights

  1. Israel’s Exploitation of Palestinian Natural Resources in Violation of International Law
  2. Palestinian Natural Resources; The Occupation Benefits and the Palestinians Pay the Price
  3. More Gas to Europe … More Injustice for Palestinians 



Climate Injustice in Palestine

  1. PALESTINE: A Case of Climate Injustice
  2. The Resilience Capacity of Palestinians to Adapt to Climate Change is often Compromised by the Restrictions of Israeli Occupation
  3. Women are the most affected by climate injustice
  4. The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture- Voices from Farmers
  5. Climate Change is an Existential Threat to the Human Being on this Earth


Targeted Environment: The Effects of Israeli Occupation on the Palestinian Environment

  1. Israeli Quarries Continue to Brutally Devour Palestinian Lands
  2. Targeted Environment : The Effects of Israeli Occupation on the Palestinian Environment 
  3. Huwara Bypass Road…Another example of Land theft and Environmental injustice