The Asia Pacific region of Friends of the Earth is the most diverse, encompassing member groups from the global North and the global South. We work hand-in-hand with indigenous peoples, grassroots communities, peasant farmers, fisherfolk, trade unions, and feminist movements, to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies. 

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Indian farmers lead historic struggle for Food Sovereignty, Anti-fascism, Democracy and Human Rights

Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with Indian farmers and workers in their continuing protests against the deregulation and corporatisation of agriculture and their fight for food sovereignty, anti-fascism, democracy and human rights. Since...

COVID-19 and the care crisis

This Covid-19 crisis has affirmed our belief that the centrality of life is and should be our most important value. We know that care is essential for life, both human and nature. The crisis has made visible the interdependence between human beings and the...

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