The Asia Pacific region of Friends of the Earth is the most diverse, encompassing member groups from the global North and the global South. We work hand-in-hand with indigenous peoples, grassroots communities, peasant farmers, fisherfolk, trade unions, and feminist movements, to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies. 

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T’boli-Manobo community leapfrogs to renewable energy

T’boli-Manobo community leapfrogs to renewable energy

The climate crisis requires the overhauling of the world’s energy systems. Poor countries like the Philippines, which have the least responsibility for the crisis but will bear the brunt of its impacts, are nevertheless enjoined if obligated to transform their energy...

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Internationalist Solidarity

The Friends of the Earth Internationalist Solidarity System (ISS) serves to respond rapidly to violations and mobilise internationalist support for threatened peoples and communities, according to their needs and wishes. We support national groups to prevent violations, and fight against the interests of transnational corporations and States that are complicit in such crimes.

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