About Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific

Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific (FoE APac) is a formal regional structure of Friends of the Earth International, a federation of environmental organisations present in 73 countries, uniting over 2.2 million members and supporters.

Established in November 2008, The Asia Pacific region is the most diverse, encompassing member groups from the global North and the global South.

Member groups from the region are active in community-based struggles against destructive projects including mining and other extractive industries. We work hand-in-hand with indigenous peoples, grassroots communities, peasant farmers, fisherfolk, trade unions, feminist movements, and human rights groups to secure sustainable livelihoods and fight against vulnerability to environmental disasters.

We campaign on today’s most urgent environmental and social issues. We challenge the current model of economic and corporate globalisation, and promote solutions that will help create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies.


Our Vision

We envision a society of interdependent peoples living in dignity, wholeness, and fulfillment in which equity and peoples’ rights are realised. This will be a society built upon peoples’ sovereignty and participation. It will be founded on social, economic, gender, and environmental justice and be free from all forms of domination and exploitation, such as neoliberalism, corporate globalization, neo-colonialism, and militarism. We believe that our children’s future will be better because of what we do.

Our Mission

  • To collectively ensure environmental and social justice, human dignity, and respect for human rights and peoples’ rights to secure sustainable societies.
  • To halt and reverse environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources, nurture the earth’s ecological and cultural diversity, and secure sustainable livelihoods.
  • To secure the empowerment of Indigenous Peoples, local communities, women, groups, and individuals, and to ensure public participation in decision-making.
  • To bring about transformation towards sustainability and equity between and within societies with creative approaches and solutions.
  • To engage in vibrant campaigns, raise awareness, mobilize peoples and build alliances with diverse movements, linking grassroots, national and global struggles.
  • To inspire one another and harness, strengthen and complement each other’s capacities, and live the change we wish to see and work together in solidarity.