Why Gender Justice and Dismantling Patriarchy?

Friends of the Earth sees system change as crucial for the transformation of our societies. We recognise gender justice and the dismantling of patriarchy as key to achieving this transformative change.

This new booklet from Friends of the Earth International includes reflections and stories from different regions, and explores how gender inequality and injustice impact women in our organisations and how patriarchy interlinks with other systemic oppressions – racism, capitalism, class oppression, neocolonialism, heteronormativity – to structure our societies to the benefit of certain social groups. The booklet is a useful tool for capacity-building, training and political formation. It includes practical ideas for strengthening gender justice, challenging power relations and dismantling patriarchy in your work and organisation. The booklet considers:

  • What is the sexual division of labour and what does it have to do with patriarchy?
  • How is power consolidated and reproduced within our societies and through what mechanisms of oppression?
  • What does gender justice and the dismantling of patriarchy have to do with us?
  • What would a gender just world look like?
  • Why do we believe feminism is essential to system change?

Download your copy here.