Safeguarding People and Environment

The Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) have released a new publication on safeguarding people and the environment to minimise the impacts of development projects in Sri Lanka. According to CEJ, Sri Lankan Environmental Impact Assessment processes have not been updated in over 25 years, therefore, they are inadequate to provide the required environmental governance and […]

Why Sri Lanka Should Ban Single Use Plastics?

Single use plastics around the world have become a major crisis to ecosystems, people and the planet. The Centre For Environmental Justice (CEJ) /Friends of the Earth, Sri Lanka have created a position paper that advocates for the banning of single use plastics and encourages introducing a legislation’s to regulate plastic production and usage. CEJ […]

Call for Just Solutions for Climate Induced Migrants in Asia Pacific

Countries in the Asia Pacific region are threatened climate change impacts; floods, landslides and severe droughts. Impacts that could fuel a rise in food and water prices, increasing competition and conflicts among communities over depleted resources. The economic impacts could reach further than the agriculture sector, affecting industry and investments. Meanwhile, climate induced migration is […]

Stop Coal Financing in the Asia Pacific

Climate change poses extreme risks to the Asia Pacific region that will endanger the lives and livelihoods of low-income people and people living in poverty. In 2015 in Paris, 194 countries made a commitment that they would drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. But while most nations in […]

Rules for Business

The biggest companies in the world are often implicated in human rights abuses. A man is killed defending his home from a destructive mining project in El Salvador. Hundreds are displaced from their traditional lands to make way for palm oil plantations in Indonesia. Yet many of these crimes go unpunished, due to corruption of […]