Sowing Gender Justice to Dismantle Patriarchy

Friends of the Earth have created a new feminist popular education manual called “Sowing Gender Justice to Dismantle Patriarchy” – based on the political formation and training processes facilitated over many years within Friends of the Earth, with the support of educator-activists from the World March of Women.

The “Sowing Gender Justice to Dismantle Patriarchy” manual will introduce you to:

  • The basics of feminist popular education methods;
  • Ways in which you can organise and structure inclusive workshops;
  • Feminist popular education techniques;
  • Detailed examples of workshops such as:
    • “24 hours in the life of women and men” (introduction to the sexual division of labour),
    • “Inequalities, obstacles and challenges to women’s participation”,
    • “Gender justice and dismantling patriarchy”,
    • “Violence against women”,
    • “Mapping socio-environmental conflicts and their impacts” (introduction to ecofeminism).

We hope this manual will be a useful and accessible tool for capacity-building, training and political formation. We invite you to enjoy it, and to use it with comrades in your organisation to support collective self-training, and the learning processes in the local groups, communities and territories you work alongside.


Download the manual here.


For more information contact:
Sam Castro,
Friends of the Earth Australia,
Gender Justice & Dismantling Patriarchy Working Group

Mai Taqueban,
Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center,
Gender Justice & Dismantling Patriarchy Working Group