School of Sustainability

We see young people as a force for good. The School of Sustainability is a Friends of the Earth (FoE) federation-wide program that recognises the energy, capability and power of young people. 

The School of Sustainability – Asia Pacific was conceptualised in 2015, and the first school was convened the year after. It was modeled after FoE Latin America’s Escuale de la Sustentabilidad, FoE Europe’s European School of Sustainability, and FoE Uganda’s Sustainability School. 

For Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific (FoE APAC), young people are not only second-liners, but are an indispensable voice in  shaping our  agenda and work in the region.   

The School harnesses the potential of young campaigners from its member groups by serving as a training ground and  an incubator of ideas. 

It offers a series of learning sessions and workshops that allow participants to learn more about pressing development issues.  FoE APAC hopes that ideas and cross-collaboration will arise from these sessions that will support the federation’s vision.  

The first School was held in Lampung, Sumatra, and  focused on building the campaigning capacity of participants on the themes of forests and fire haze, and trade and investments.  

The other School was mounted in Pulau Pari, Indonesia in 2020, and allowed attendees to deep-dive into the topics of food sovereignty and digital communications. 

In late 2020 to 2021, the first online version of the School was held amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Titled “Climate Justice and Building Social Movements,” the School parsed emerging policy wedges in  climate discourse, from netzero emissions to nature-based solutions. Participants also learned about tactics for building and sustaining solidarity movements, which had found creative ways of mobilisation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

International formations like Friends of the Earth are always bridging differences of culture and experience even as they are united around a single vision of justice, solidarity, and resistance. 

The School of Sustainability – Asia Pacific is a space for strengthening alliances within the region, allowing its next generation of leaders to come together and renew their commitment to, and even reimagine their vision of, a just world.    

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