Forests and Biodiversity

Half of the world’s forests have disappeared. Privatisation, trade liberalisation and increased exports of crops, such as soy and palm oil, have led to a massive increase in large-scale plantations, triggering further deforestation. Yet forests provide livelihoods for many local communities and indigenous peoples. They help to regulate our climate, and are home to some of the most species-diverse habitats on earth.

We work with local communities and indigenous peoples to conserve forests, and strengthen communities’ rights and community management of forests.

We campaign against industrial large scale plantations, monoculture, destructive logging and the commodification and financialization of forests and biodiversity.

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CEJ wins Wilpattu judgment

CEJ wins Wilpattu judgment

In 2015, the Centre for Environmental Justice/Friends of the Earth Sri Lanka filed a legal action against the Conservator General of Forest, former Minister Rishard Badiuddin, and five others regarding forest destruction north of Wilpathu national park. The area...