Food Sovereignty

Food sovereignty is the right to enough nutritious, ecologically produced and culturally appropriate food. It is the right of peoples to determine and control their own food production systems. Food sovereignty is about feeding people rather than corporate profit and it defends the interests of future generations.

Globally, our agricultural systems are in crisis. Intensive agriculture is eroding our soils, drawing down our aquifers and is a major contributor to both climate change and our current biodiversity crisis.

Friends of the Earth is campaigning for a transition towards agroecological farming techniques, the relocalisation of our food economies, and a halt the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals that are poisoning our environment and bodies. 


What we’re doing

Through our grassroots member groups, we support small scale peasant and family farmers in resisting the corporate powers that destroy their livelihoods and bring hunger and conflict to their communities. We support artisanal fisherfolk as the holders of traditional knowledge for sustainable management of marine and coastal systems, and fight against commercial fisheries that are destroying these ecosystems. 

We expose the links between over-consumption, mainly in the North, and its environmental and social impacts, felt mainly in the global South. We connect food producers and consumers and encourage people to buy food that is locally and sustainably produced.

We work with communities to regain control over their territories and seeds, defend their land rights, and secure their right to water.  We campaign against false solutions, such as the push for genetically modified crops and other corporate-led technologies. 

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