The Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights, Inc. (CELCOR) is a not-for-profit public interest environmental law and advocacy organization established in February 2000 to address the growing need for legal support to affected and highly marginalized people who mainly reside in rural areas of the country.

CELCOR has been in operation for the last 15 years, supporting rural communities in legal education and awareness, building capacity to mediate and resolve land use conflict, to make informed decisions regarding resource developments on their customary owned lands.

To see PNG communities living in harmony with the environment and culture in a just, holistic and sustainable way.

To promote and defend environmental and customary rights in PNG through law and advocacy, which in turn would ensure sustainable resource management for the benefit of present and future generations.

CELCOR’S Programs
The specific program areas of CELCOR’s operations include:

1. Direct Legal Assistance (DLA)
To provide legal assistance and support to customary resource owners, NGOs, and community groups in defence of community based property rights and the environment.

2. Community Legal Education (CLE)
To conduct human rights, environmental law and ecological awareness workshops, para-legal trainings, environmental monitoring and assessment that aim to develop teams of community members capable of responding to the needs of human rights and environmental defence.

3. Campaign, Advocacy and Networking (CAN)
To foster better and responsible environmental laws and policies in the local, provincial and national levels to promote and sustain lines of cooperation with local, national and international organizations and government agencies.

Friends of the Earth Papua New Guinea / Center for Environmental Law and Community Rights Inc (CELCOR) 

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