FoE Australia functions both through the activities of its local groups, and on the national level through appointed spokespeople, campaigns and projects, the national magazine – Chain Reaction, and the work of the national liaison officers.

Friends of the Earth Australia is a federation of local activists campaigning across the nation through local active member groups. Many of the national campaigns are hosted by our local groups. Friends of the Earth Australia currently has groups in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Kuranda, South West WA and Adelaide. Each group operates independently but also according to the Friends of the Earth Australia vision and values.


FoE Australia Objectives

The objectives of FoE Australia shall be:
1 To conserve, restore and protect the ecosphere.
2 To create a movement of change that recognises ecological sustainablility and social justice are indivisible.
3 To preserve the natural environment in Australia;
4 To promote public awareness of environmental issues in Australia, through promoting public awareness, direct action activities and the production of educational and community materials
5 To assist other people and organisations interested in these objectives to carry out their tasks through the maintenance of resource centres, newsletters, magazines and communication with like-minded national and international bodies

A listing of their partnerships and networks can be found here.

Friends of the Earth Australia
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