The Asia Pacific region of Friends of the Earth is the most diverse region, encompassing groups from the global North and the global South. Member groups from the region are very active in community-based struggles against mining and other extractive industries. They work hand-in-hand with indigenous peoples, peasant farmers, and fisherfolk to secure sustainable livelihoods and fight against vulnerability to environmental disasters.



Fukushima Today and Japan’s Energy Future 2019

Over eight years have passed since the Fukushima nuclear crisis began.  In 2017, evacuation orders were lifted from “evacuation order cancellation preparation zones” and “restricted residence zones.” The evacuation orders had applied to about 81,000...

The Olympics is Not a Venue to Whitewash the Risk of Nuclear Disasters

Statement from Korea Federation for Environmental Movements Recently, the media reported that a mountain of radioactive soil was being dumped next to the Fukushima baseball stadium. There are also reports of higher levels of radioactive material detected in a park in...

Friends of the Earth International are the world’s largest grassroots environmental network, uniting 76 national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent.

Real World Radio services social movements around the world as part of the communications of Friends of the Earth International.