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PRO PUBLIC, a non-profit, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the cause of public interest, was founded in 1991 by a consortium of environmental lawyers, journalists, economists, engineers, consumers and women rights activists. It raises voice against corruption, red tapism and irregularities and makes the government bodies aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Its focus over the years has been on good governance, conflict transformation and peacebuilding, protection of natural and cultural heritage, environmental justice, pollution control, gender justice and consumer protection. Pro Public has consistently succeeded in creating government accountability in Nepal through media campaigns, advocacy, negotiation, correspondence and public interest litigation.


Play the role of a social change agent to empower the Nepalese people through research, advocacy, litigation and capacity building.


Nepalese people’s basic rights are guaranteed through social, economic, environmental and political justice.


•To act as watchdog in the areas of environment conservation, consumer rights, women rights and child welfare, by way of alternative dispute resolution, negotiations and litigation.
•To increase government and private sector accountability and transparency through good governance advocacy and judicial activities.
•To conduct research aimed at solving contemporary public interest issues.
•To enhance the capacities of local and grassroots organizations through training, seminars, workshops and other means of information dissemination.

Friends of the Earth Nepal / Pro Public
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Latest Updates from Forum for Protection of Public Interest - Pro Public
Climb for climate justice

Climb for climate justice

On May 16, 2022, Bishnu Bhusal, at 62 years of age, became the first lawyer to climb Mount Everest, raising his voice for environmental justice, on the same day as Buddha Jayanti, the most sacred day on the Buddhist calendar.  Advocate Bhusal set out on April 15 to...

Capacity development training for Nepalese farmers

Capacity development training for Nepalese farmers

Agriculture is often the main source of income for Dang, Kapilvastu and Bardia farmers. However, farmers have been producing fewer agricultural products due to disease, irrigation, manure, and technological factors, causing a local food crisis. This can be attributed...

Legal Professionals Scale Mount Ramdung

Legal Professionals Scale Mount Ramdung

A team of legal professionals led by advocate Bishnu Bhusal scaled the Ramdun Mountain located in Dholakha on October 30. The team of Legal professionals climbed the 5,935m tall mountain with the slogan “Environmental Justice,” keeping in view the 2021 United Nations...