Solidarity with the People of Palestine

Nov 29, 2022

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Friends of Earth Asia Pacific reminds the Member States of the United Nations that they have a moral and legal obligation to implement the recognition of Palestine as an independent state and end the occupation. We call on the international community to break the silence about the ongoing suffering and oppression of Palestinians. 

Living under military occupation has made life unbearable for Palestinians. Israel continues its arbitrary policies of home demolitions, systematic forced displacement, movement restriction and land confiscation. Although illegal under international law, Israel is putting endless efforts towards illegal settlement expansion over Palestinian land and exploiting Palestinian natural resources. Palestinians across the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) endure many environmental rights violations with no effective remedies available to them to demand justice.

For 16 years, the siege on Gaza has taken its toll on the lives of 2.1 million Palestinians who live in an open-air prison. The blockade has devastated Gaza’s environment leaving Gazans stranded in catastrophe. The lack of vital supplies such as water and electricity (electricity runs from two to four hours a day), together with the deterioration of the environment, have made Gaza an uninhabitable place. Only 4% of water is fit for human use.

We demand that environmental human rights and international law be respected, affirmed, and protected for all.

We call upon the international community and policymakers to:

  1. Support the rights of the Palestinians as articulated in the UN resolutions, especially the right to self-determination, freedom, and independence.
  2. Hold Israel accountable for the continued violations of human rights in accordance with international law and the relevant international conventions;
  3. Take concrete and proactive measures to end the occupation and colonisation of Palestine, including imposing sanctions and banning trade with Israel.  

Today we stand in solidarity with our comrades from Palestine and reaffirm that there can be no justice and no potential for sustainable development under occupation.