Legal Professionals Scale Mount Ramdung

Nov 29, 2021

A team of legal professionals led by advocate Bishnu Bhusal scaled the Ramdun Mountain located in Dholakha on October 30. The team of Legal professionals climbed the 5,935m tall mountain with the slogan “Environmental Justice,” keeping in view the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, at 8:30am on October 30.

The Mountaineers flew the national flag, flags of Nepal Bar Association, Pro Public, and Friends of Earth. Nepal is facing a serious problem caused by climate change.” If the world leaders do not hear our grievances, we shall be forced to use international legal forums and channels to seek justice,” said advocate Bhusal.

Founder of Pro Public Senior advocate Prakashmani Sharma said that climate Change had posed a grave threat to glaciers, mountains, lakes and people living downstream of rivers and lakes in the country. “Our objective of scaling the mountain is to draw the world’s attention to the impact of climate change on eco-system and people’s livelihood, ”Sharma added.

After scaling the mountain, an interaction on environmental justice was held at Dolakha headquarters Charikot.

The same legal team of professionals also decided to scale Mount Everest, demanding environmental justice next spring.


Cover photo credit: Pixabay