KFEM tackles waste in 2020

Dec 16, 2020

In 2020, the Korea Federation for Environmental Movements (KFEM), together with 320 citizens, held four neighborhood clean-ups. As well as waste collection, the group conducted surveys on the collected garbage, identifying common brands and rubbish types. Based on the survey results, nineteen of the most dishonorable companies that created the majority of waste were contacted and urged to reduce their plastic use. They were asked to respond with an official letter stating how they planned to reduce their plastic usage and by how much. Thirteen of the companies responded. KFEM also created an online platform to collect public signatures supporting the campaign and to publish the list of companies who responded to the letter.

In addition, KFEM has been campaigning against overpacking. The ‘Anti repacking law,’ which was scheduled to take effect in the second half of 2020, has been postponed until next year. The ‘Anti repackaging law’ prohibits repackaging products that are already packaged. This is an essential measure in creating a resource-circulating society.

KFEM asked Korea’s giant supermarkets E-Mart, Homeplus, and Lotte Mart, to comment on the anti-repacking law to ensure proper implementation, but they did not receive any response. Along with other environmental groups, KFEM held a press conference in front of E-Mart headquarters, calling for a ban on repackaging and eradicating overpacking.

An estimated 80% of ocean rubbish comes from land-based sources. By reducing our waste consumption, practicing proper waste management, and eliminating plastic, we can help protect marine ecosystems and human health.

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For more information contact:
Hye Lyn Kim
International Solidarity Team
Friends of The Earth Korea/Korea Federation for Environmental Movements, KFEM
Email: naserian@kfem.or.kr