It is undeniable that the impacts of climate change will indiscriminately affect communities in the Asia Pacific region. Yet some countries within the region continue to deny the severity of the climate crisis. Australia is one of these countries.

Even after suffering through one of the worst bushfire seasons, the Australian Government remains adamant in addressing “adaptation and resilience” rather than strengthening policies to reduce emissions. Australia has also received global attention for its inadequate emissions targets, with many calling for greater climate leadership from the government. 

Act on Climate, a Friends of the Earth Australia collective, wants to counter the Australian federal government’s assertions that as a nation, Australia only produces 1.3% of the world’s emissions, and therefore does not need to take serious action. 

By campaigning for Victoria to take serious action to reduce emissions and embrace climate solutions, Act on Climate hopes to make the state an example of leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. This will demonstrate that communities and governments within Australia want strong climate action. 

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, Act on Climate was busy mobilising communities across Victoria. Earlier this year, hundreds of people gathered to create two human signs spelling out ‘<1.5℃’ – the level of warming we must stay below to avoid catastrophic climate collapse.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the collective managed to gather nearly 1,000 online responses from around Victoria to their Climate Impacts and Climate Solutions surveys. These responses form the ‘People’s Climate Strategy,’ which will be delivered to the Victorian government. The collective has also issued the State government with a December deadline to set Victoria’s Emissions Reduction Targets. 

The success of these campaigns will have impacts beyond Victoria and establish the State as a climate action leader in the Asia Pacific region.

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Anna Langford
Act on Climate Campaigner

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