Oct 16, 2020

CELCOR/Friends of the Earth Papua New Guinea (PNG) initially launched its NO COAL IN PNG CAMPAIGN in November 2018 in response to the interest of an Australian ASX-listed company Mayur Resources Ltd, in developing a coal industry in Papua New Guinea. This year, CELCOR has joined Jubilee Australia Research Centre, NOGAT COAL PNG, Aid Watch and 350 Pacific.org to create the ‘Nogat Coal in PNG Campaign’.


We have a climate change emergency on our hands. In accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and the Communique of the 2019 Pacific Islands Forum, climate change remains the single greatest threat to the livelihoods, security, and well-being of the peoples of the Pacific.

The ‘Nogat Coal in PNG Campaign’ is an important campaign in the Asia Pacific region, particularly among Pacific nations. If PNG develops a coal industry, this will be the first of its kind in the Pacific Region, setting an ugly precedent in the face of rising sea levels and the devastating effects of climate change that Smaller Island States are already facing.

In September, the NOGAT COAL IN PNG CAMPAIGN released its report The Coal Agenda, co-authored CELCOR and Jubilee Australia, and launched a new campaign website www.nogatcoal.org. This report has been this first to analyse and question the involvement of Mauyr in PNG and the ecological and economic argument in pushing for the development of the coal industry in PNG.

While Mayur Resources has claimed that coal power will benefit PNG, the CELCOR and Jubilee Report has found that:

  • The main beneficiaries of the plant would be Canadian, Australian and South African mining companies – not communities in PNG,
  • There has been a distinct lack of community consultation,
  • There would be substantial health impacts to local communities,
  • PNG already sources much of its energy from hydro, and is developing more hydropower plants. Starting a coal industry is completely unnecessary,
  • A coal-fired power plant in PNG would undermine the national climate plan under the Paris Agreement, committing to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

The science tells us we need to do everything we can to move away from fossil fuels and stay within the 1.5-degree temperature goal that is essential for the Pacific to survive. As coal is being phased out in the rest of the world, PNG does not need another form of neo-colonialism strategy to be ushed upon its nation, under the guise of ‘development’ by this Australian company, its investors the general coal market.

The Nogat Coal in PNG Campaign demands the government of Papua New Guinea, vis the Prime Minister and the Minister for Energy, reject the coal industry in PNG and for the energy regulatory authority to reject Mayurs bid/proposal to supply energy into the power grid.


  1. Sign and share the petition to the government of PNG calling on them to stop the development of the coal industry in PNG,
  2. Share the report ‘THE COAL AGENDA: Mayur Resources and the push to start a coal industry in PNG,’
  3. Follow Nogat Coal PNG, CELCOR and Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific for campaign updates.

For more information contact:
Samantha Kuman
Advocacy Officer
Center for Environmental Law & Community Rights Inc
Email: skuman@celcor.org