New coal power plant threatens Yokosuka

Jul 28, 2020

“Coal is not the energy of the future. It is the energy of the past.”

Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice & Energy program co-coordinator, Friends of the Earth International


JERA and TEPCO want to build another coal power plant in Yokosuka, located in the southern part of Kanagawa prefecture. The expansion of the fossil fuel industry and the construction of this power plant will have devastating impacts on the climate and public health.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) Japan have released a new video that features two guest speakers. The first speaker is Mr. Kajigaya, a fisherman from the Yokosuka area. He explains that he has been losing his livelihood due to rising sea temperatures that have altered the local marine ecosystem. The second speaker, Dipti Bhatnagar, a Climate Justice & Energy program co-coordinator for Friends of the Earth International, visited the construction site and explains some of the potential health impacts of the coal power plant on the local community.

Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific joins FoE Japan in calling on the Japanese government to say NO to coal and YES to community-owned renewable energy.

Join FoE Japan’s actions to STOP Yokosuka coal power plant construction!

  1. Sign the petition against JERA to demand the cancellation of construction.
  2. Find out more information about Yokosuka Climate Case.
  3. Join a #FridaysForFuture creative action in Japan and demand an end to the Yokosuka coal power project.


神奈川県横須賀市久里浜では、東京電力と中部電力の子会社である株式会社JERAによって、石炭火力発電所の新設が進んでいます。 石炭火力発電所は、気候変動の原因となる温室効果ガスを多く排出します。近隣で漁を営む梶ヶ谷さんは、海水温上昇の影響で、生計手段が失われてしまったと話します。また、気候変動だけでなく、建設地の近くには多くの一般住宅や小中学校が多くあり、大気汚染による健康被害も懸念されます。


  1. 事業者JERAに対して建設中止を求める署名
  2. 横須賀石炭火力行政訴訟に関する情報
  3. Fridays For Futureも、気候危機を防ぐために横須賀石炭火力の建設ストップを求めています。ぜひ彼らの企画するアクションに参加しましょう!

For more information contact:
Hanae Takahash
Climate and Energy Campaigner,
Friends of the Earth Japan