FoE Russia Supporting Sustainable Organic Agriculture

Dec 29, 2019

Russian Social-Ecological Union (RSEU) – FoE-Russia, is an NGO network in the Russian Federation, with members from different parts of the country. RSEU’s mission is uniting its members to secure harmony between nature and society, conservation, restoration of nature and the environment. The network also works to prevent actions that would lead to the destruction of nature and people’s health. Members within RSEU have been busy undertaking food sovereignty activities that work against agricultural irradiation and gene modification of food and food ingredients.

In the Republic of Buryatia, RSEU member Buryat Regional Union of the Lake Baikal, have been supporting the development of sustainable local communities, and from time to time supporting livestock raising; particularly the reintroduction of native livestock species.

In Irkutsk, Eastern Siberia, the Baikal Expedition public union (previously known as Baikal Wave), and the Irkutsk office of RSEU, have been working to support the development of local farmers and businesses that make responsible organic food. Both the Buryatian and Irkutsk organisations support initiatives for the growing of native plant species that are used for traditional medicine. The local people continue to practice this type of sustainable farming to prevent the disappearance of wild plant species.

Bryansk NGO Viola promotes methods of sustainable organic agriculture called “Grow Biointensive” for small farmers in different regions of Russia. Since 1995, Viola has been coordinating the development of the “Grow Biointensive” agricultural methods which was initially developed in America.

Today, responsible and sustainable agricultural practices are becoming more and more popular in Russia, with many local initiatives working either separately or through a network. RSEU will continue to work with communities, to support grassroots initiatives that promote food sovereignty and sustainable, organic agriculture.

For more information contact:
Kristian Rinchinov
Buryat regional Union of the lake Baikal / Russian Social-Ecological Union-FoE-Russia