Palestine Says “No to Plastic Bags”

Dec 19, 2019

PENGON- FoE Palestine, in cooperation with CESVI and several International Non-Government Organisations (INGO’s), have launched a new campaign, “Palestine Says: No to Plastic Bags”.

The campaign denotes the adverse effects of using plastic in everyday life, and encourages Palestinians to downsize their dependency on single-use products. An additional ‘No Waste’ policy has been charted in an effort to raise awareness about the increased production and consumption of solid waste, in particular plastic.

Cotton reusable bags made by women in Shufat Camp – Jerusalem, have been distributed by PENGON in supermarkets across Ramallah city. Through the use of a media campaign, PENGON has been able to spread messages of environmental awareness. By targeting consumers, PENGON has been able to encourage the use of reusable cotton bags instead of plastic. Alongside the media campaign, lobbying meetings have been held the with Environmental Quality Authority, to push for a tax to be placed on the use of plastic bags.

The “No Plastic Bags” campaign is part of a larger environmental movement which aims to address the source of the waste crisis, and discourage the use of disposable plastic items. To maximize the impact of the campaign, PENGON has pledged to promote the campaign locally, and throughout the West Bank starting from the city of Ramallah. The organisation will continue its lobbying work with related ministries and the private sector. Through the use of various awareness raising tools and in cooperation with youth activists, PENGON hopes to inspire younger generations to adopt a smart, eco-conscious lifestyle, that supports sustainable consumption and resource management.  

For more information contact:
Abeer Al Butmah
Coordinator of the Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network
Friends of Earth Palestine (PENGON)