ProPublic 2019: Community Dialogues, Campaign Victory, and the Nijgadh Protests

Dec 15, 2019

In 2019. Pro Public hosted a series of ‘Community Dialogue’ sessions entitled “Strengthening Peace and Social Harmony”. Sessions included talks on child labour, violence against women, and the role of political parties in achieving long lasting peace and social harmony“.

In addition to their work local communities, Pro Public also secured a significant campaign win. A public interest litigation case filed by Pro Public protect Lumbini has resulted in the banning of all new factories within a 15km perimeter of the development area. This will ensure the surrounding environment is protected from heavy polluting industries. Congratulations Pro Public and to everyone involved in the case!

But the struggle to protect the environment continues. Most recently, Pro Public has been involved in a legal dispute regarding the construction on the new Nijgadh Airport. Pro public argues that the construction of the Nijgadh airport will destroy the Terai rain forest, negatively impacting local biodiversity, including the Asiatic elephant. Members of Pro Public filed a petition demanding for a court intervention to prevent the felling of a large number of trees. The Nepal’s Supreme Court has halted the construction while it considers the concerns put forward by Pro Public and various other environmental groups.

Looking into 2020, Pro Public will continue their legal battle, to ensure that the forest and local wildlife remain protected.

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